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on platform

Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal.

An institutional-level trading terminal for direct and unified access to 10+ of the most popular crypto exchanges. The terminal was built by traders with 10 years' experience on Wall Street. You can track balances, orders, profit and loss all in one interface.

An institutional-level trading terminal for direct access crypto exchanges.

Professional Web Terminal.

The multi-exchange platform is for active traders and portfolio investors. Trade on the most popular exchanges and manage your portfolios in one window.

Crypto trading terminal for direct access crypto exchanges.

Mobile App Tradelize.

A solid platform for trading on your mobile phone. You can execute orders, track your portfolio, and subscribe to auto-copy so you can copy the very best traders.

You can execute orders and track crypto portfolio

Portfolio Management System.

This is a tool for managing all kinds of financial instruments on spot and contract markets. The system lets you intuitively control your portfolios with filters. You can filter by exchange, currency, and automatically track P&L from all your exchanges at once. You can also switch between the main accounts and subaccounts easily.

Tool for portfolio management and crypto portfolio tracker

Order Management System.

A professional order management system gives you total control over the flow of orders from all of your connected exchanges in a unified interface. The system includes: universal order statuses, expanded tools, fast order changes without cancelling them on the exchange, and sorting options.

Tool for trading order management

Arbitrage Screener.

This tool is for finding inter-exchange arbitrage spreads and looking for the best prices on the market. Compare cryptocurrency prices on different exchanges and execute orders at the best possible prices.

cryptocurrency arbitrage tool

Watchlist and Market Screener.

This watchlist lets you track crypto prices of any trading pairs along with derivatives in real-time on 10+ spot and contract crypto exchanges, all in one window. The Market Screener saves watchlists to the cloud, allowing you to open them in any Tradelize ecosystem product.

market screener for cryptocurrency

Sub-Account Manager.

Professional functionality for management of several trading accounts with different assets with built-in risk management. The Sub-Account Manager lets you delegate capital to others for management and also lets you control risk or limit access to different sub-accounts. You can set up automatic changes in activity status and automatically close positions.

professional trading tool for portfolio management

LinkedIn For Traders.

Build your first professional trading profile and monetize your experience by interacting with other Tradelize members. This social network for traders lets you create your own paid channel, sell trade signals, conduct webinars, and lets other traders copy your trades.

social trading network

Social Trading Platform.

Copy the trades of successful traders with auto-copying and earn as much as they do. Earn on losses with teh help of reverse copy trading. Get signals and anlysis from teh best professional traders to earn even more.

social trading platform crypto

Multi-Platform Access.

Choose what works for you. Trade on crypto exchanges using a platform for Windows, a web interface, or directly from any smartphone.

crypto trading software
trading terminal crypto
cryptocurrency app
best crypto app

Choose Your Plan.

Features Basic Plus Pro
Social Platform plus plus plus
Custom Feed plus plus plus
Comments plus plus plus
Private Channels plus plus plus
Live Trades Feed plus plus plus
Streaming plus plus plus
Mirroring plus plus plus
Portfolio Management System plus plus plus
Order Management System plus plus plus
Demo plus plus plus
News Feed plus plus plus
Trading Signals plus plus plus
Ecosystem (iOS, Android, API connect, stat.) plus plus plus
Algoorders minus soon soon
Server Orders Set minus soon soon
Custom Strategies minus soon soon
Ready-Made Strategies minus soon soon
Synthetic TIF minus soon plus
Synthetic Type minus soon plus
Institutional Desktop Terminal minus minus plus
Sub-Accounts minus minus plus
Martket Screener minus minus plus
Price Alerts minus minus plus
Customizable Workspace minus minus plus
Hot Keys minus minus plus
Arbitrage Screener minus minus plus
Risk Management System minus minus plus
* monthly free soon $39.99

Why do people love Tradelize?

Fresh Professional Experience.

Track, study, and earn on the same level as the best professional investors in the business.

Monetize You Personal Brand.

Your Professional Profile is your personal brand. Conduct webinars from your paid channel so you can monetize your expertise.

Scaling Up.

You can show off your trade statistics to raise investors in your profile, prove your success, and transform yourself into a private trading company. Tradelize's social trading tools let you do it.

Track your personal exchange accounts in a unified interface.

Add your API keys from all your exchanges. You can have them be read-only so you can track your entire portfolio, profits, and trade statistics with zero risks.

Individual 24/7 Support.

Call our help desk at any time. Our experineced representatives and working trades can help fix up any problem, even if it is not directly connected to the Tradelize ecosystem. Tradelize, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

API Connection.

To add your API keys and test your trade algorithms, we offer REST and WebSocket API. Get a unified API for all exhcnaged and analyze them in a single format.


Tradelize is a unique ecosystem that unites traders, investors, analysts, and crypto influencers. Tradelize lets anyone expand their trading toolbox while scaling their popularity and monetizing their expertise. Tradelize lets you create your own personal brand and transform it into your own private trading company.

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