Hi everyone!
We are a pool of traders, and we are the founders of Tradelize. Our 12+ years of trading and capital management experience is the foundation of our company.

How was Project Tradelize Born?

With a solid 10+ years of experience on financial and crypto markets, we studied the demands of professional traders. When we applied what we had learned, we ended up with a whole ecosystem for traders that now includes a trading terminal, a platform for social trading, and a mobile app.

The institutional-level trading terminal for the crypto market let's professional players from finance work in a familiar atmosphere with tools they recognize from finance. It makes the switch to crypto easy. The web terminal offers a fast and convenient trading outlet for retail traders. The mobile app guarantees consistent access to your crypto portfolio from anywhere in the world.

Our Vision.

This is a new paradigm in asset management. There are no hidden fees, third parties, or unnecessary complications. You always know where your money is and you control it 24/7.

What We Do?

The ecosystem for traders and investors is a place where anyone can find a way to increase their returns on the cryptocurrency market.

Tradelize Story.


  • Public launch of project
  • Payment system settings
  • Partnerships established with regionally licensed exchanges of digital assets
  • Investment portal beta launch
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  • Infrastructure improvements, fail-safe and security of servers
  • Investment portal Alpha launch. Social trading platform
  • Mobile App alpha launch (iOS, Android)
  • Sub-accounts in the terminal. Contract exchanges added. Expanded order books. Fully-functional market screener created
  • Copy-trading module added (mirroring)
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  • Launch of the MVP trading terminal. Connecting the main exchanges, multi-exchange order management and portfolio management.
  • Alpha-version of the trading terminal launched. Charts with more than 100 indicators added. Arbitrage screener.
  • Trading Terminal beta launch. Websocket integration with main exchanges. News window. Synthetic stop-orders, hot keys.
  • Launch of MVP investing portal.
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Our Mission

We are building an ecosystem that will unite professional traders with private investors. We laid the groundwork for this synergy on a policy of complete transparency. Claims are backed by exchange statistics and trading data for each trader. Our goal is to form a crypto community like no other. Here, everyone will have access to the tools and resources that fit their needs: The Institutional-Level Desktop Terminal, The Professional Web Terminal, The Social Trading Platform (with extended features), and The Mobile App. With all these tools, Tradelize offers an unparalleled ecosystem for trading and investing.

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Connected Exchanges.


Have Other Questions About Tradelize?

We are always here to answer questions. If you have a question about our products, don't hesitate to send it to our team.

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