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  • Public portfolio

    Organize your crypto assets into a single portfolio and share it with the community. Whether it’s spot or contracts, you can automatically share your portfolio allocation and trading stats across all exchanges.

  • Open Trade Feed

    Sharing trades and finding new setups have never been easier. Tradelize aggregates the trading activity of traders and visualizes it on users’ professional profiles in a real-time feed.

  • In-person market analysis

    Share ideas and post market analyses and expert takes just as easily as you would on Twitter, but in a community of traders and investors. Backing by real trades and public portfolios makes a real difference to readers.

Share My Trading Experience
Make a profit by allowing the crypto community to copy your trades

Social network verified and based on real trading stats

Words without action are worthless, but your successes won’t be overlooked with Tradelize.

We visualize your trading experience by reading exact data from your trading accounts. Connect your exchanges, and we prove your expertise with real numbers.

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How do I verify my profile?

A crypto tracker with a clear overview of your total portfolio balance and trade stats, so you can consider your trading and portfolio performance from every angle.

  • Link your exchange accounts via API into your profile.
  • Write a few lines about your trading experience.
  • Share valuable statistics about your trading habits.
Confirm My Trading Experience
Make a profit by allowing the crypto community to copy your trades

Discover other traders’ portfolio and trades

Your Tradelize profile is just a fragment of the crypto community.

You can find interesting traders and investors, compare your portfolio to theirs, and find new trading ideas. Discover the profiles of others and find ways to improve.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most popular questions about Tradelize.

  • What is the trades feed?

    To help make the cryptocurrency community honest and transparent, Tradelize reads trading activity from connected exchange accounts and provides trading stats for traders based on their trades. Above all, Tradelize is a social platform for traders, so every trader’s trades and their data are displayed in their profile. The feed shows a ticker, exchange, time, and other details of each executed order.

  • How does Tradlize calculate stats?

    Tradelize just reads trade data from exchange accounts via connected APIs. Further, the collected data is unified for easy calculation, and the statistical indicators are computed using simple formulas. After that, the ready figures are visualized in the trader’s profile.

  • Is Tradelize Safe?

    Tradelize is a completely transparent and secure ecosystem for managing assets on the crypto market. Only you have access to your funds. Your crypto remains untouchable and on your favorite exchanges. Tradelize only requires the ability to read data and make trades, so your funds can’t be withdrawn from the exchanges. Tradelize was built with your security in mind from the very beginning. Every API key is securely encrypted with modern SHA-256 algorithms. Any APIs entered are protected by encryption and are shared only with the exchanges.

  • Can I communicate with other Tradelize users?

    Unfortunately, Tradelize does not have a built-in messenger for one-to-one communication at the moment. But you can open a discussion by creating a post and encouraging other users to respond in the comments.

  • How can I connect my exchange account to Tradelize?

    1. Go to an exchange site supported by Tradelize and login or create an account.
    2. Open the profile settings, connections, or “Privacy and Security” section of your account and find the API connection option.
    3. Press the button “Create new API key” and enable “View” and “Trade” in the API Keys settings.
    Note: Tradelize doesn’t require the “Deposit and Withdrawal” option to connect your account.
    4. After creating the API key, copy the API key and secret key and keep them in a safe place.
    5. Now go to your Tradelize account settings, click “Add API” and select the exchange.
    All done! Now Tradelize can start reading your account balances and order history, and you can start trading with Tradelize.

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