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Frequently Asked Questions About Tradelize

Read these answers to the most popular questions about the Tradelize

In the left area of your feed, you can see a menu that displays traders and channels to which you are subscribed. In this menu you can find the "Advanced Search" button and view all channels and traders registered on the Tradelize network.
Of course! Each user of the Tradelize trader network can create their own channel and provide content for their followers, including streams. We strive to create an effective crypto community and we will be very happy if you share your insights with other network members.
We have made sure that it is convenient for you to view the news feed. You can sort all content in your feed by type and select only posts, streams and deals to display in your feed.
Like on other social network platforms, you can also share posts on Twitter or Facebook. The social media icons are located below a post. To share a post, click the icon for the social network you want. We will be adding other social media soon so you can show your posts to as many people as possible.
Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to upload video files to the feed. But we are working hard on it, and we will soon offer this feature.

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We are always here to answer questions. If you have a question about our products, don't hesitate to send it to our team.

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