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Social Trading
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Copy Trading

Divvy out your capital among different traders, strategies, and exchanges. Subscribe to automatically copy the trades of your favorite trader from the rankings.

crypto copy trading. Subscribe to automatically copy the trades of your favorite trader

Real Time Trade

Automatically get notifications about trades by the traders you subscribe to.

crypto trading signals. Automatically get notifications about trades

Reverse Copy Trading

Earn money on traders with a large number of losses by copying the opposite of their trades.

mirror trades. Earn money on trades with a large number of losses by copying

Paid Channel

Subscribe to successful traders' channels (whose performance you can see in their real trade statistics) and get their trade signals in your feed.

best crypto signal provider. Subscribe to successful traders' channels

Why Do People Choose Social Trading Platform Tradelize?

Social Trading Platform

Tradelize offers the best set of tools for studying trading, analyzing the market, and objectively evaluating data.

Risk Management.

Tradelize offers risk management tools that can benefit any amount of capital.

Easy Access.

You can have access to all the social trading stools with just $1.


Hands-on statistics prove the historical success of copied trades.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Tradelize Social Trading Platform

Here are the most popular questions about social trading

Can I copy more than one trader?

You can copy only one trader per exchange. If you want to copy a few different traders, you have to trade on more than one exchange.

What is the Tradelize wallet?

The Tradelize wallet is an internal Tradelize company wallet used to pay for Tradelize services and Tradelize ecosystem products. It can also be used to pay for services and payments to other users in the Tradelize system.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount you want to withdraw should be more than the commission for the transaction on the Bitcoin network.

Is the withdrawal process secure?

For security, Tradelize processes withdrawal requests by hand once a day. Request a withdrawal by 12:00 (UTC) if you want to be sure that it will be processed the same day. Before the withdrawal is sent, each request is checked one by one by no fewer than two Tradelize employees.

How are statistics calculated in the rating?

In Tradelize Score, under the "all" window, you can find the trade history for each trader based on both trades made through Tradelize and trades directly on the exchanges themselves. Trade statistics are not used in calculating deposits, withdrawals, and other non-trade transactions. This is for the most accurate calculation of trading scores.

Can I upload video files to the feed?

At this time, uploading video files to the feed is not possible.


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