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Creating a Personal Brand

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How can I set the cost of my services?

In the "Create Paid Service" section, a trader can choose his own rates for his subscribers and their winnings.

Does Tradelize take a commission for a paid channel?

Tradelize takes a 10% commission off the subscription price of a paid channel.

Does Tradelize charge for auto-copying services?

The commission for a subscriber to use auto-copying services is 10% the cost of the subscription. Likewise, there is a 10% commission from the profit set by the trader. The commission is charged to the user's account.

On which exchanges can I create mirroring and anti-mirroring ?

Tradelize makes sure that auto-copying happens on the most liquid and secure exchanges. At the moment, auto-trading is available on Bitmex. Soon, auto-copying with be available for futures on Binance, as well as all types of contracts on Bybit.

Can I copy more than one trader?

You can copy one trader on one exchange. If you want to copy several traders, they must trade on different exchanges.


Tradelize is a unique ecosystem that unites traders, investors, analysts, and crypto influencers. Tradelize lets anyone expand their trading toolbox while scaling their popularity and monetizing their expertise. Tradelize lets you create your own personal brand and transform it into your own private trading company.

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