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Features Basic Plus Pro
Social Platform plus plus plus
Custom Feed plus plus plus
Comments plus plus plus
Private Channels plus plus plus
Live Trades Feed plus plus plus
Streaming plus plus plus
Mirroring plus plus plus
Portfolio Management System plus plus plus
Order Management System plus plus plus
Demo plus plus plus
News Feed plus plus plus
Trading Signals plus plus plus
Ecosystem (iOS, Android, API connect, stat.) plus plus plus
Algoorders minus soon soon
Server Orders Set minus soon soon
Custom Strategies minus soon soon
Ready-Made Strategies minus soon soon
Synthetic TIF minus soon plus
Synthetic Type minus soon plus
Institutional Desktop Terminal minus minus plus
Sub-Accounts minus minus plus
Martket Screener minus minus plus
Price Alerts minus minus plus
Customizable Workspace minus minus plus
Hot Keys minus minus plus
Arbitrage Screener minus minus plus
Risk Management System minus minus plus
* monthly free soon $39.99


Tradelize is a unique ecosystem that unites traders, investors, analysts, and crypto influencers. Tradelize lets anyone expand their trading toolbox while scaling their popularity and monetizing their expertise. Tradelize lets you create your own personal brand and transform it into your own private trading company.

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