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Publish your copy trading offer and monetize your knowledge and skills. Create a trader profile — Tradelize will do the rest.

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Make a profit by allowing Make a profit by allowing Make a profit by allowing

Make a profit by allowing the crypto community
to copy your trades

You’ve been working on your performance, and now your performance can work for you.

Let crypto investors take a look at your trading activity so they can gauge your success and copy your trades. Your reward is the subscription cost that you assign yourself on Tradelize.

Get Passive Income
Make a

How do I set up passive income with Tradelize?

  • Connect your exchange account via API
  • Create a copy trading offer in a few clicks
  • Trade as usual and get extra income
Monetize my skills

Why Tradelize?

  • Trade on the platforms you are already familiar with — no extra effort involved.

  • Receive rewards directly to your account from subscriptions and revenue sharing

  • Tradelize will attract new investors to your trading strategy

  • The best traders will be featured both within the Tradelize platform and on social media

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Why Tradelize?

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most popular questions about Tradelize.

  • How can I set the cost of my services?

    In your profile menu, you can create copy trading services. When you create it, you can set a monthly subscription price or provide services for free. You can change the monthly subscription price for the service you provide at any time.

  • Does Tradelize take a commission for copy trading?

    Tradelize does not charge any additional fees for its copy trading service. Tradelize also doesn’t charge any additional fees for copy trading from your subscribers. The subscription price set by you is the only fee for copy trading services.

  • On which exchanges can I activate copy trading and reverse copy trading?

    Tradelize makes sure that copy trading happens on the most liquid and secure exchanges. At the moment, copy trading is available on Bitmex Futures, Binance Futures, and ByBit. Reverse copy trading is automatic after activating copy trading.

  • How can I withdraw my profit?

    All your profit is accrued on the exchange account. The processes and terms of withdrawal are determined by the exchange on which you have an account. Tradelize only gets permission to send orders.

  • Is there a delay when copying orders?

    We understand how important the speed of order copying is, so we developed the fastest order copying system. When an order is copied, the system is activated instantly. The average delay when copying an order is 0.1 seconds.

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