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Frequently Asked Questions About Tradelize

Read these answers to the most popular questions about the Tradelize

It is a social network for traders, backed by real trading statistics. Here you can choose mentors, observe their professional activities, and learn from their experience. Tradelize includes a social trading platform where you can subscribe to auto copying of a trader's moves. You can also subscribe to trading signals from trusted providers.
In the advanced search feature you can see the profile cards of all registered traders and investors on the Tradelize network. A trader's card displays their profit or loss, also the number of profitable trades, and their balance. You can also see more detailed trade statistics and their investment portfolio.
Professional traders can create their own private channels and publish their expert market outlook and trading ideas for you. By subscribing to a trader you like, you will receive his exclusive content in your news feed.
Each trader in the Tradelize network can add their exchange account API keys to analyze their trading statistics and track their portfolio balance. After adding API keys, all transactions made on different exchanges will be reflected in his profile. All traders' transactions will be shown in your feed after you subscribe to them.
Any interested trader on the Tradelize social network stream his trades and demonstrate his workflow to you. Thus, you can learn from the experience of a trader and understand his trading strategy.

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