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Find the most profitable traders and start copytrading to earn more. Copytrading is really the easiest way to imitate the trading steps of a professional and thus become an investor.

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Day trading success rate shows that 95% of traders lose money. Start earning money without putting your effort into market research by contacting the experts. Don't lose money - trust the professionals.

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They Lose,
But You Still Profit

Just imagine you profit from copying the opposite of losing trades, knowing that 95% of traders lose money. Do it with the reverse copy trading option on Tradelize's social platform.

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Totally Transparent Investing Platform
Backed by Real Stats

We know how difficult it is to invest without proof of performance.
That's why we have developed a completely transparent social trading platform where you can check the yield chart of each trader and subscribe to their copytrading service.

Choose a professional and invest with 100% trust.

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Rely on the experience of traders you trust. Make decisions by analyzing real trades of professional traders and investors.

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How to Start
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Is Tradelize Safe?

Tradelize is a completely transparent and secure ecosystem with which you manage your assets on the crypto market. Only you have access to your funds. Your crypto remains untouchable, and you keep it on your favorite exchanges. Tradelize only requires the ability to read data and make trades, so your funds can't be withdrawn from the exchanges.

Tradelize was built with your security in mind from the beginning. Every API key is securely encrypted. We use modern SHA-256 encryption algorithms. Entering APIs is protected by encryption and is shared only with the exchanges.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Tradelize

Read these answers to the most popular questions about the Tradelize

Each trader who provides copying trades sets an individual rate. Since Tradelize doesn`t charges any additional fee for copying traders, the rate set by the trader is the only fee for copy trading services.
You can copy only one trader per exchange. If you want to copy a few different traders, you have to trade on more than one exchange.
We understand how important the speed of order copying is, so we have developed the fastest order copying system. When an order is copied, the system is activated instantly. The average delay when copying an order is 0.2 seconds.
You can do this with the Tradelize wallet. The Tradelize wallet is an internal Tradelize company wallet used to pay for Tradelize services and Tradelize ecosystem products. It can also be used to pay for services and payments to other users in the Tradelize system.
All your profit is accrued on the exchange account. The processes and terms of withdrawal are determined by the exchange on which you have an account. Tradelize only gets permission to send orders.

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We are always here to answer questions. If you have a question about our products, don't hesitate to send it to our team.

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