Aleksey Shevchenko

Trading Evolves

Everything in the world is developing with great speed and the trading industry is no exception. The cryptovalue market gives birth to revolutionary solutions that greatly facilitate trader's tasks and open new opportunities.

When we trade, we do so over the internet, sitting in our warm apartments, far from other traders, the screams, blood, sweat, and tears of the trading floor. For us, trading over the internet is a given. We don’t think this is some kind of spectacular new trading method. Old time traders did their deals in the trading pit, a special part of a clearing house at the very bottom level of the hall. To make deals in the pit, traders used special hand gestures.

When hype surrounding bitcoin first appeared, you could buy or sell it on forums or through direct messages. A bit later, exchange became possible through special exchangers who also handled multiple coins and tokens. The crypto community began to grow quickly and the market became overgrown with technologies that made trading simpler and more professional.

With the rise of the new market, cryptocurrency trading is evolving faster than ever. Entire ecosystems with a plethora of applications are now available to traders. These days, any trader can create his own prop-trading company, or start up an advertising company with referral codes and begin to rake in capital with just a few clicks. Using a multi-exchange terminal, you can connect to all exchanges at once. An arbitration window can display the best price for any asset, even if you have positions on different exchanges. You can see the combined positions together in specific coins. Even if there are sudden and severe changes, you can quickly liquidate your positions on multiple exchanges.

Frequently, undisciplined traders underplay the significance of keeping trade statistics or simply “forget” to write down their trades. With some new terminals, statistics are recorded automatically, organized into different metrics, and visualized for easy analysis.

Probably because of all these functions, modern traders are becoming lazy. But traders who are not fooling around treat trading like a business. Using these new platforms, they grow their efficiency. Just by creating a public profile on one portal, you get all these ways to monetize your expertise:

  • Mentoring and training to trade cryptocurrencies
  • Paid subscriptions to trade signals
  • Auto-copying of your trades by monthly subscriptions or % of profit.

Creating your blog lets you multiply your profit with the help of a large audience from different countries and regions. Your content is indexed on the internet. With all these tools, you can become an opinion leader. At this level, trading stops being monotonous, but is born again as an exciting new activity. And just like that, sitting at home in front of your computer, you can become a large prop-company that attracts and delegates capital to be managed by other traders.