Anton Zapolskyi

Liberty in Assets Management With the Tradelize Ecosystem

Warren Buffett made a massive fortune as an investor, and his advice is always practical and no-nonsense. So time and time again when the media ask him for tips for your average Joe investor, people tend to listen. And his advice has a pretty consistent thread: let the professionals do it.

The dream is that an investor could put in their money, sit back, and wait for profit. If they have the sudden need to cash out, or wish to tweak the calls of a fund manager, they should be able to do it. The investor should be able to have control over any percentage of their money, whether they are hoarding it, giving it to a manager, or making their own decisions. They should be able to manage the funds of others, and have use of tools like AI.

This would disrupt the status quo, as large firms offering customized management like Edward Jones or low fee ETFs like Vanguard would have to compete with products that can fine tune and individualized strategies to each and every trader. And the movement of these transactions should be instant. This is not possible in the traditional business market.
But why wait for this to happen?

The dream is already possible on cryptocurrency markets.

The massive swings in cryptocurrency make management in Crypto a must, but management means investing time and energy doing research, reading chats, trudging through statistics and buying and selling. To take advantage of crypto’s swings, an investor needs to be paying attention. One example of this is Bitcoin dominance in the overall crypto market. Bitcoin’s epic drop from its peak of nearly $20,000 to $3,400 was bad enough to discourage any investor. But the recent boom back to $10,000 just proves that one has to know when to be in the game. We all want to know when the highs and lows are to buy low and sell high, but few, if any of us do. The best professionals can do is look at their indicators and follow the news, choose a winning strategy and stick to it. But at the same time, you want to keep total control over your funds.

Tradelize allows the average user to make profitable trades with only a few initial clicks or as an active trader. The Tradelize APP allows investors to put their funds in the hands of professional traders. And beyond that, users of the ecosystem can have all charts and all exchanges up on one interface, collapsing the vast and sometimes confusing crypto market into one convenient trading environment. They are given access to AI tools, democratizing the top technologies that only huge investment firms had access to.

Active professionals are given the top-of-the-line Tradelize Terminal to work with, which includes the ability to combine balances on multiple exchanges and work with them on one combined interface. They can create their own hedge funds, create multiple portfolio types, and even compete with other traders! The incentive to attract new investors will make them work harder than ever before to make money.

This is the beginning of a huge change in the way assets are managed. With the Tradelize system, traders can advertise their success with past results in order to attract other investors to join their team. These investors can choose to allocate their funds to any trader or any strategy. Basically, the control of everyone’s money will be directly in the hands of the people who own it. Anyone who can prove they make money has the chance to attract funds for management. There are no hoops to jump through and it all happens instantly.

Tradelize makes this dream a reality. With the complicated world of asset management simplified and the ownership of managed assets still held tightly to the actual owners, brokers of all kinds of assets will have to change their game in order to catch up. This is the first step in a change in the way assets are managed. And unlike the traditional stock market, the crypto market has recently seen triple digit growth.

For someone who just wants to see a profit, for active traders, and for everyone in between, Tradelize offers technology and a system that liberates asset management. This is the future of trading and investing.