Tradelize Ecosystem

Use all your skills on Tradelize's institutional-level desktop terminal. You can also stay on top of the market through the web terminal, and manage positions on the way with the Tradelize mobile app.

One API for
10+ Crypto Exchanges

Tradelize offers a unified place for your API keys so you can do algorithmic trading across different crypto exchanges. Data comes form all exchanges in onto one platform.

Mobile Platforms
Web & Desktop Terminal

Choose Your Plan.

Differnet subscriptions tailored for new traders as well as professionals



  • 20 REST queries per minute
  • 3000 REST queries for 30 days
  • 3 simultaneously connected WebSocket channels


  • 60 REST queries per minute
  • 30.000 REST queries for 30 days
  • 30 simultaneously connected WebSocket channels


  • 120 REST queries per minute
  • 300.000 REST queries for 30 days
  • 300 simultaneously connected WebSocket channels

WebSocket API.

The stream feeds of market data in real time for deeper analysis of financial instruments

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Advantages of the Tradelize API.

Rate Limiting.

You can get the edge over market data by getting around rate limiting for querying certain exchanges. Now you can track a larger number of trade instruments simultaneously.

Unified Documentation.

You'll get standardized documentation for all your connected exchanges. Now you can trade on many platforms with only one API document.

Integration With Our Ecosystem.

You can integrate fully with our ecosystem. You can automate your trading through your API, track and control the algorthm using the web platform, terminal or mobile applicaiton.

Stream Market Data.

You get market data in real-time for all trading pairs for your connected exchanges. Now you can create your own custom market screeners, filters, and alerts.


You get the abosoute fastes connections with exchange servers. Now you can create high-quality bots for scalp trading that relies on the best market data.


Collect and process the best data for long-term trade strategies and quality backtesting.