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Registration for the TOP-300 traders competition is open!
Are you awesome at crypto-trading? Prove your results and get up to $500,000 to manage!
Become a TOP-300 trader
About the competition
To participate in the TOP-300 competition at Tradelize you need to:
1. Register for the TOP-300 competition now

2. Connect your exchange accounts to your Tradelize Terminal account using API keys (the terminal is available for download right now)

4. Continue trading using the Tradelize Terminal. Data will be automatically transmitted to the Tradelize Score blockchain

3. After 2 months, be among the top 300 traders. Then you'll receive up to $500,000 to manage!

The contest start date will be announced soon.
Become a TOP-300 trader
Sign Up
By competing in the contest, the trader continues to trade by using Trdelize Terminal. Information about transactions and results of trades are recorded in the Tradelize blockchain. Thus, each participant of the competition has a reliable performance history. In order to get into the TOP-300 rating, a trader must have a 2-month trading history at minimum. At the end of the fund raising for TGE, Tradelize will sum up the results of the competition, and will transfer 80% of the collected funds to the management of the top 300 contestants.
50% of the profit from the management of the transferred capital remains with the trader
Register for the competition and get your chance to become a Tradelize top trader
Level 1
Top 10 Traders
up to $ 500,000
Level 2
TOP 11-50 traders
up to $ 100,000
Level 3
TOP 51-100 traders
up to $ 75,000
Level 4
TOP 101-300 traders
up to $ 40,000
Become a TOP-300 trader
Conditions of the competition
We aim to have the world’s best traders on our platform so that users can be sure they are imitating the most profitable trades by the most profitable crypto gurus.

The Token Sale itself aims to snare the best of the best. Here’s how. We are putting 80% (up to $24,000,000) of our Token Sale in the hands of the best traders to manage for free.

Those traders will then be able to trade that stack on the revolutionary Tradelize.terminal, which allows access to several exchanges at once.

Each trader from TOP-300 will receive up to $40–$500K with absolutely no risk of their own funds. Half the profits go to Tradelize. The other half go into the pockets of the traders.

ProTraders will have to register with Tradelize, providing information which tracks their trades across several exchanges over the course of a minimum of 2 months. The result will be a specially calculated Tradelize.score, a rating determined to suss out the most successful traders.

The top 300 performers will be given the reins of those huge chunks of cash. Once a ProTrader has been given the opportunity to trade with their share of the $24,000,000, they will have to continue to perform.

In the event that a ProTrader’s account drops 10%, that trader will be removed (remember, they are not risking their own money) and the funds will be transferred to the next trader in line.

That ensures that the traders chosen did not just hit a lucky streak, and that those playing the long game that did not immediately qualify for the competition get a second chance.

The real payoff of this giveaway will come to Tradelize.web’s regular investors. The Tradelize.score ranking system scores points for ProTrades based on profitability and risk profile. Your regular Joe investor and institutions alike will be able to mimic the trades of one or many different Pros with just a few clicks. The higher your Tradelize.score, the more followers you get, and the more followers you get, the more money you (and they) make, further compounding the pressure for success.

The sum total of this is that the most successful ProTraders will have to objectively prove their worth, will be rewarded with free cash, and everyone else will benefit. Tradelize is the first crypto ecosystem to invest such large funds in building the strongest possible trading team. This is what maximizes profit for investors. That is what sets them apart from the competition.
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